Teamstarter allows each employee to create and finance internal projects through a monthly budget allocated by their company.
Discover incredible projects teams have made together on Teamstarter
How it works
Entrust your corporate culture to all your employees.
Give a monthly budget
to each collaborator on the platform. Empower your teams by giving them confidence and autonomy.
Let your collaborators co-create
projects for which they define budget, timeline, and goals. Everyone is responsible for setting up a project that he or she carries out entirely, alone or in a team.
Allow your staff
to support and fund their colleagues' projects. Everyone can decide how to spend their monthly budget.
Engage your teams
over time through projects they support. Promote initiative, legitimize the ideas of your employees and boost the emergence of talent within your company.
Reinforce your employer brand, and develop your corporate culture with Teamstarter.

3.4 times more corporate culture initiatives

5 times more innovation thanks to Teamstarter

88% of employees say Teamstarter has improved their well-being at work

50% say Teamstarter was a decisive choice to join the company

43% say Teamstarter helped them fit in the company and get to know their coworkers

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